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  • Boxes shipped to the Northeast region include free FedEx ground shipping (1-5 days est. delivery time).
  • For orders shipped outside of the Northeast, there may be an additional fee which will be billed separately by email.  This must be paid before box can be shipped, sorry for any inconvenience. For more info on exact shipping prices please contact us with destination zip code before placing order.

  • Payment is through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account still click on the PayPal link and there will be an option to pay with a credit card for those without an account. For additional payment options please call or email.

  • The types of breads in the bread boxes can not be substituted but if there is a combination of breads you would like, let us know (approximately 3-4 breads depending on size can fit in a box) and we can add it to the list.