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Scandinavian sweet bread made with butter, milk and of course cardamom; delicious for breakfast or dessert
Same as above with almond filling and topped with sliced almonds
White loaf bread with a swirl of cinnamon on the inside and cinnamon and sugar on the outside; great toasted or makes fantastic french toast
Artisan bread made with oats, oat bran, wheat , whole wheat, rye, seasame, sunflower and poppy seeds; great for toast, sandwiches or with dinner
Dense white loaf bread dusted with cornmeal; delicious toasted for breakfast, toasted sandwiches or great base for bruschetta
Scandinavian rye bread made with whole wheat, rye, molasses, fennel and caraway; great for toast, sandwiches or with dinner 
Darker holiday version of above with cocoa, anise and orange added (no caraway); great for toast or with dinner 
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Filled Cardamom
Cinnamon Swirl
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Vort Limpa